Edificio ladrillo de hormigón Landbrick Blanco Marmol.

Hamelin Laie International School, Tiana (Barcelona) | superstep® | 120 x 40 x 15 cm

Casa particular ladrillo blanco de hormigón Landbrick.

Ganduxer park, Barcelona | superstep® | 60 x 40 x 15 cm

Casa particular ladrillo hormigón.

Ganduxer park, Barcelona | superstep® | 60 x 40 x 15 cm



Sign bands

The purpose of this textured and/or carborundum band is to signal the edge of the steps at their full length.

Order VIV/561/2010, of February 1, which develops the technical paper of basic conditions for accessibility and non-discrimination in access to and use of urbanized public spaces, establishes the criteria for the placement of textured bands.

The full length of every step must be indicated with a five-centimeter-thick band that is flush with the ground and situated three centimeters from the edge; it must contrast with the texture and color of the step’s paving stone.


The textured band is produced using a permanent surface-etching method that involves hollowing out the width of the band with an incisive component that lowers the surface and creates a finish that is rough to the touch.


Carborundum is silicon carbide prepared through exposure to coke (carbon residue), silica sand, or sodium chloride at high temperatures. The resulting crystalline mass is very hard and used as an abrasive.


60 x 40 x 15 cm
60 x 36 x 15 cm
120 x 40 x 15 cm
120 x 36 x 15 cm


50 x 50 x 15 cm


36 x 40 x 15 cm