Quality certifications

As a result of the efforts in the area of quality management, in March 2019, Breinco S.A. was certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, which is currently in force and subject to annual compliance with all the required quality standards.

In environmental matters and in order to reduce the associated impact of the activity, in April 2021, ISO 14001 certification was obtained through the implementation and continuous improvement of an environmental management system.

Quality and the environment are encompassed in the integrated management system, which channels management through these two fundamental pillars for the development of the activity. This system evaluates and reduces the environmental impact associated with the activity, while ensuring compliance with the required quality standards. We also convey this commitment to all our stakeholders, raising their awareness, especially in terms of rational and efficient management of resources.

Breinco products are manufactured with high quality raw materials: CEM 52.5R cement, UV resistant pigments and carefully selected aggregates to obtain very high strength and quality properties.

Breinco guarantees the quality of the products in accordance with current regulations: UNE-EN 771-3 for concrete blocks, UNE-EN 1338 for paving blocks, UNE-EN 1339 for tiles, UNE-EN 1340 for kerbs and ASTM for retaining walls. We make available the Quality Certificates and Performance Declarations of the products. In addition, we also have a product environmental self-declaration issued by ANDECE.

Certificado de calidad en mobiliario urbano.

The Flux Cast® project has received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Programme for Reindustrialisation and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness.

Estudio y diseño de soluciones de paisajismo y urbanística.