I. Terms and conditions of access
BREINCO.COM is a website owned by INDUSTRIAL BREINCO, S.A. (hereinafter, BREINCO), with registered offices in Llinars del Vallès, Carretera de Cardedeu a Dosrius, Km. 6.5, and with tax code A-08.946.238.

Initially, the use of the website is free, and under some circumstances, this use may be subject to the General and Specific Terms and Conditions of use. For this purpose, access and use of the website services will imply the acceptance -as appropriate- of these Terms and Conditions.

“General Terms and Conditions” will be deemed those appearing herein, as well as any other shown on the portal, which do not require the user’s express consent. By simply accessing the site, the WWW.BREINCO.COM website user gives their express consent to these “General Terms and Conditions”, and particularly to the Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

The “Specific Terms and Conditions” if appropriate, will be shown to the user upon contracting the services or accessing the content that require the express acceptance of such Specific Terms and Conditions.

The user accesses the website and its contents in accordance with good faith, using the services, programs, intranet and any other elements that may be used, with due diligence, avoiding damage being caused to BREINCO and third parties, and the introduction of any virus. As a result, the user will be liable for misuse of the website, and of possible damages caused to BREINCO or to third parties arising from such misuse.

II. Content, legal terms and liabilities
The website contains articles, text, technical data, specification, images and photographs and other content created by BREINCO and other companies in the group, which are its exclusive property, are for merely informative purposes, and at times do not reflect reality. The failure to update this content will not generate any kind of liability for BREINCO, which may at any time modify the content and/or replace it for new content, without prior notice or liability of any kind.

The website contents may not be deemed, under any circumstances, technical specifications or technical data sheets of the BREINCO products. There will be no relationship, commercial or of any other kind, for users simply accessing the website.

Should there be links to different websites; BREINCO will not be responsible for their content, as it does not have control of them. Similarly, the existence of these links does not imply any contract or commercial relationship between BREINCO and the owner of the linked website.

When the user accesses the website, they do so on their own account and at their own risk. BREINCO does not guarantee the speed, the possibility of a power cut, or that there will be no viruses on the website. Similarly, the website owner, the companies in the group, their collaborators, partners, employees and representatives cannot be deemed liable for any damage arising from the use of this website, or for any action taken on the basis of the information provided therein.

There is no guarantee that there are no viruses or other harmful elements that may cause damage or alterations to the website user’s IT system, electronic documents or files. As a result, BREINCO will not answer for damages that such elements may incur to the user or third parties.

III. Intellectual and industrial property
BREINCO.COM, and all the BREINCO and BREINCO BLUEFUTURE, ENVIRO URBAN MANAGEMENT, ENVIRO and TRANSBLOCS brand products, are Copyright © property of INDUSTRIAL BREINCO, S.A. All rights reserved.

All the contents of this website, such as texts, images, sound, files, brands, logos, combinations of colours, or any kind of graphic element that is identifiable with BREINCO products or any of the companies in the group, their structure and design, the selection and method of presentation of the content included therein, and the computer programs needed for their operation, access and use are the property of the website owner.

The temporary storage and reproduction of any of the website content for the purpose of being used for personal and not commercial means, is authorised. The reproduction, permanent storage and dissemination of the website contents or any other use for public or commercial means is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the website holder, and in any case is subject to the condition that there is always explicit reference to BREINCO and its ownership.

IV. Privacy policy. Data protection.
Data Protection Officer
Tax number: A-08.946.238
Address: Llinars del Vallès, Carretera de Cardedeu a Dosrius, Km. 6,5 (+34) 938 460 951

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679 EU), we would like to inform you that your personal data are part of our automated and non-automated customer files, duly legalised by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) for the purpose of providing the contracted service, offering you related products and services to those requested by you, sending you promotional information, managing your subscription to our newsletter, communicating with you via e-mail, building customer loyalty, and performing administrative and accounting tasks related to your order. The data will not be disclosed to third parties, except to companies performing administrative tasks on our behalf and for compliance with legal obligations.

The data provided will be stored for the duration of the contractual relationship and for the period required by law.

You may exercise your right of access and your rights to rectification, erasure, data portability, restricted processing, and objection by contacting:
Llinars del Vallès, Carretera de Cardedeu a Dosrius, Km. 6,5. or

IV.I. Non-personal information
By simply accessing the website, the user gives their express consent to the use of cookies, and as a result, if used, the user accepts their use and the monitoring of IPs. The site traffic analyser uses cookies and IP monitoring to enable the capture of data for statistics: date of the first visit, number of times it is visited, date of the last visit, URL and domain of origin, explorer used and screen resolution. However, the user may deactivate and/or remove these cookies following the instructions provided by their Internet navigator. Under no circumstances do the cookies provide personal information about the user. This information will be deemed “non-personal data” as it cannot be associated to any specific natural person and, therefore, BREINCO will be free to use, grant, store and process the data as it deems appropriate.

IV.II. Personal information

IV.II.I. Purposes of processing personal information

  1. The use of the website WWW.BREINCO.COMmay require the User’s personal information at certain times. The provision of data to BREINCO by the User implies complete acceptance by the latter of the entire contents of this LEGAL NOTICE (hyperlink to LEGAL NOTICE), and particularly of the terms and conditions set out in relation to the Data Protection and Privacy Policy. Should the User not wish to provide their data, there is no obligation to do so, although if done the User will be accepting the entire contents of this Data Protection and Privacy Policy.
  1. The purpose of the data provided by the User will be their incorporation into the files owned by INDUSTRIAL BREINCO, S.A. (hereinafter, BREINCO) and the rest of the companies in the group (if appropriate), in order to send “commercial” and other kinds of information to the user, which may be of interest, and that refer to product manufactured and/or marketed by BREINCO and the rest of the companies in the group.

“Commercial information” sent to the user may comprise (for example): product and/or services catalogues, price lists, answers to technical queries, newsletters, invitations to events and/or product presentations, etc.

Should an answer be given to any question or query asked by a user to BREINCO, and similarly in relation to the technical information contained on the website and in the “commercial information”, this consultation and/or information provided by BREINCO will not, under any circumstances, be technical advice, nor can it be deemed such. As a result, such commercial information and answers provided by BREINCO will be merely indicative and for information purposes, without this replacing the personalised and professional advice corresponding to the technical experts. Under no circumstances will BREINCO be liable for the accuracy and correctness of these answers, so any possible error and/or incorrectness will not imply any kind of liability for BREINCO under any circumstances.

  1. BREINCO also expressly reserves the right to use the data provided by users to develop and improve the services and products manufactured and/or marketed by BREINCO or any company in the group. The user also expressly authorises BREINCO to send satisfaction surveys and/or questionnaires to find out their preferences, as well as storing the results of such actions, surveys and/or questionnaires.
  1. The user also authorises BREINCO so that it uses the data to send information relating to changes and updates in the services and products manufactured and/or marketed by BREINCO and other companies in the group.
  2. The user expressly authorises BREINCO to grant use of the captured data to the rest of the companies in the group, which may incorporate the data into the files they own.

IV.II.II. Users’ rights
All users who provide their data through the website will have the rights that are recognised at all times by the legislation relating to the protection of Personal Data and the Information Society Services Act, and the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection are specifically guaranteed by BREINCO, as well as the right to revoke consent provided for the granting of the data, thus fully complying with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679 EU).
The aforementioned rights may be exercised in writing, to the website owner’s registered offices provided in section I of this legal notice (terms and conditions of use), or via e-mail to
The following rights are guaranteed:

  1. The right of access will be guaranteed as long as the user informs BREINCO of their data through the e-mail or postal address set out in the LEGAL NOTICE (hyperlink to LEGAL NOTICE), stating their wish to consult the information.
  2. The right of rectification may be exercised in writing sent by the user to BREINCO to the e-mail or postal address set out in the LEGAL NOTICE (hyperlink to LEGAL NOTICE), indicating the new data, or by completing the registration form with the updated information.
  3. LThe rights of cancellation and objection must be exercised in writing to BREINCO, sent to the e-mail or postal address set out in the LEGAL NOTICE (hyperlink to LEGAL NOTICE). The user must expressly state their wish to cancel or remove the data that appears in the BREINCO files.

BREINCO reserves the right not to process the applications that are excessively repeated (in which case the user’s information will be deleted), or those requests that imply a disproportionate effort or that may put the privacy of third parties at risk, are not viable or that are not protected by the current legislation are that time.
BREINCO guarantees at all times that personal information obtained thorough the website will have the necessary protection to prevent unauthorised access, alteration, loss or improper storage.

IV.II.III. Users’ obligations
The user is obliged at all times to provide true information, which this information is requested by BREINCO, as long as they wish to remain on the file created by BREINCO for the purpose of sending the commercial information stated in point I of this legal notice.

The user expressly declares to be of lawful age, and to be the direct holder of the information provided to BREINCO. The inaccuracy and/or misuse of such information, including the possible misappropriation of identity is the specific responsibility of the user, for which BREINCO will not respond under any circumstances.

IV.II.IV. Privacy consultations
The user may at any time consult the current privacy, data protection and confidentiality policy, which may be done by consulting the terms and conditions set out herein. Should the user have any specific queries about the BREINCO data protection and privacy policy, they may write to the e-mail or postal address stated in the LEGAL NOTICE (hyperlink to LEGAL NOTICE), to clarify the BREINCO privacy policy.

V. Applicable legislation, jurisdiction and contact details
LThese general terms and conditions are expressly subject to Spanish legislation. The Spanish Courts and Tribunals, specifically those of the city of Barcelona, have jurisdiction to hear any matters arising from their interpretation, application and performance.

By accepting these general terms and conditions, the user expressly waives any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.

Bearing in mind that the only means of communication between BREINCO and the user is via the e-mail address provided, the user gives their express consent for all communication to be sent in this way, unless the user specifically states otherwise. Should the user not wish to receive any commercial information at their e-mail address, this may be requested, free of charge, by sending an e-mail to indicating no further commercial information is to be sent via e-mail.