Ecological Urban Furniture

Respect for the environment and sustainable development are the core values and objectives that inspirated Breinco to create the product line Eco-Logic ®. Some of the highlights of it are its ability to decontaminate the air of the city and the use of recycled materials to manufacture products.

The aim of Breinco is to prevent that any environmental damage occurs as a result of their activities and, therefore, to carry out policies to ensure that everything works within the requirements of legislation and a good practical application.

Características de los productos ecológicos eco-logic® de Breinco.
Solución descontaminante por fotocatálisis air-clean®

Solution that reduces air pollution by the means o fan agent that decontaminates with photocatalysis . Under the effects of sunlight causes a decomposition of pollutants oxides (NOx) in subproducts that are evacuated by rainwater.

Indicates that the product was produced using a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 40% recycled aggregate, depending on the product, and maintain at all times the levels of quality and durability that features Breinco products.

Premio Diseño para el Reciclaje de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

In 2009 Breinco was awarded with the Design for Recycling Award for the Generalitat of Catalonia for the best recycled / recyclable product. This distinction is a recognition of the Breinco’s commitment to head a concept model of management.

Material reutilizable
Material reciclado
Material recuperable
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