Vista de Barcelona desde el Mar Mediterráneo.

Company culture

We are mediterranean

It’s more than just a sea, Mediterraneus,
a sea in the middle of the earth.
The Mediterranean has consolidated over millennia a unique culture in which the Mediterranean people are proud to be a part.

It is a culture based on light, happiness, life in the streets, colours and smells. A valuable legacy, from the simplicity and variety, has led to a completeand balanced combination that drunk the senses and makes us different.

We are Mediterranean people, dynamic, multicultural result of own and external energies.
We are open and fun. We love the street life, walk and spend long periodstalking with friends outside.

It’s our way of being and living. Mediterraneanly.

Barcelona, the capital
of the Mediterranean

Barcelona is the ultimate expression of the Mediterranean culture.

It smells of salt and fish. It’s the sound of the waves on the beach, is the port. It is the light that bathes our daily activities, is a space where we mixand confuse us.

Barcelona is a city generously disposed to learn and teach, to receive and offer.

A world leader in public spaces.

Cultura mediterránea de Barcelona.