Our company philosophy

Tradition, quality and innovation are Breinco constant features since the last 40 years that we’ve been in the market. We have got experience, technical basis and innovation capacity to improve our research process and to develop new products.

New challenges that strength our nature.

El carácter de nuestro estilo de trabajo.

The awareness of being part of the planet motivates us to innovate, to perfect our technique and to create sustainable and clean spaces, pledging our commitment to a new future: bluefuture.

Creativity, environmental awareness and our solid trade are the values that are part of the style of our staff. A know –how that marks our products,
distinguishing them in the market.

Our challenge is providing innovative solutions with a high landscaping value,
paying attention to architecture and urbanism trends. In Breinco we take advantage of technology in terms of cost, quality, installation time and environmental performance. Reviewing and improving day by day to increase the excellence we offer to our customers.

In this line, we designed this online space, which wants to be a reflection of our willingness.
We included useful tools to support projects that require an intervention on free spaces and landscapes.

We hope that you enjoy surfing through this website, like if it was a walk.

Moreover, I call upon you to walk through our garden area of exhibition, an exceptional space of 5,000m² integrated in our headquarters. There, you will have the chance of discovering the special effects of our materials in different installations.

A real environment for experimenting, capturing sensations and generating ideas to fulfill your projects.

Yours faithfully,