Reinforced soil retaining walls


Muro de contención de tierra armada.

Lleida “Champs Elysées”. Ab Lite Stones | 30,5x10x46 cm. Desierto | Split

Muro de retención de tierra armada.

Oiartzum Park, San Sebastian. Ab Lite Stones | 30,5x10x46 cm. Desierto | Split

Muro de contención escalonado.

Masia Bach Estate, St Esteve Sesrovires. Ab Classic | 30,5 x20 x 46 cm. Volcano | Split

Muro de contención en carretera.

N-II Girona. Ab Three | 30,5 x20 x 46 cm. Grey | Split

Detalle textura y acabados muros de contención.

Mur face® detail. 30 x 12 x30 | Arena | Standard | air clean®

Connection included

Inclination included

Drainage included

Reinforced walls

Positive connection

Technical advice and support

Wall building systems with a flexible, sustainable and reliable contention that adjust to the environment.

Since 1990, we have a technical department with the knowledge and experience to advice, make preliminary designs viable, calculate and build structurally safe walls.