Schwimmbecken und ihrer Umgebung

Scenic Pools

Jardín de adoquines con piscina particular.
Diseño de piscinas y entorno.
Pavimento piscina particular.
Piscina pavimento exterior.
Jardín con piscina pavimentada.
Piscina de losas Llosa Vulcano.


  • Anti-slip finish
  • Resistant and durable
  • Aesthetic Value
  • Sustainable and perfect for outdoors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

With Breinco, your pool will fit right in with the style of thespaces that surround it. Using a single paving-stone style beautifies your pool through the simplicity of its design, in addition to giving the impression of a larger space.

You can create custom cuts
for circular pools or curved portions.

Copestones with a built-in
skimmer top are available upon request.